FGO Pilgrims (Ver. Archer Inferno)

【Spoiler Alert】This Article Includes True Name of Archer Inferno


This is FGO pilgrims for Tomoe Gozen aka Archer Inferno.


She’s so cute,Isn’t she?

Tomoe Gozen is 12 century’s person.
And She is milk sibling and beloved concubine of Kiso(Minamoto no) Yoshinaka who played an active role in Battles of Genji and Heike in 12 century.

It Is said she can shoot out hawk by bow and also can cut huge tree by sword.

I went to her sacred places in Kiso Town,Kyoto City,Otsu City.

FGO Pilgrims (Ver. Tomoe Gozen aka Archer Inferno)

Tomoe Gozen’s Birthplaece(Kiso Town)

Kiso Is the birthplace of Tomoe Gozen and also meeting place for Tomoe Gozen and Yoshinaka.
They grew together in Miyanokoshi area,Kiso Town.
So there is many sacred places In small town In deep mountains.

Yoshinaka Yakata(義仲館)

There is small museum In Miyanokoshi area once lived Tomoe and Yoshinaka.
Its Name is Soshinaka Yakata and Tomoe Gozen is also featured.

There are bronze statue of Yoshinaka and Tomoe Gozen.

Beautiful,Though she doesn’t have bows.

This Is actual size doll, And is also standing by Yoshinaka.

There is no bows.
Maybe, For she is Archer.

This is the inside of museum.

There are exhibitions about life of Yoshinaka and places Which are associated with Yoshinaka and his retainers.


Tokuonji-Temple(Tokuonji) Is temple of Yoshinaka’s Family temple.
There is Tomoe Gozen’s grave.

Gate is like that.

Grounds is like that.

She is Tomoe Gozen riding a horse.

Next of her, there is the fountain.

It is written that one day Yoshinaka said,”If Across the Kiso River riding horse, You’ll be my lover”
Tomoe did it.
Yeah, It’s result of her training.
And this fountain is scar of horse landing.

It’s written If you wash hands by this fountains and pray in front of Tomoe’s grave,You’ll be Superb Beauty.

OK.Did you wash hands?
So Let’s go to Tomoe’s grave.

It is inscribed her posthumous Buddhist name, part of it is Ryujinin(龍神院).It means about Dragon God.
I think this is exaggerated name.and maybe it derived from her peculiarity by being Incarnation of Dragon God.

Here is movie around her grave.


Hataage-hachimangu-Shirine is the place Yoshinaka Lived.
So It must be obvious Tomoe Gozen spent long times here.

It’s also places Yoshinaka decides He defeat Heike-clan.
she must raised a battle cry here.

We don’t know how Tomoe and Yoshinaka spent young times here.
But here, There is a little hint about their youth days.
This huge old tree.

It is said this tree was planted by Coming of Age Celebration for Yoshinaka(about 800 years ago!)

little Tomoe must be very glad Yoshinaka’s being adult.

This is sight of Kiso River taken at Hatage-Shirine.
I wonder Tomoe and Yoshinaka saw similar view.

Tomoe’s Deep Water Spot Of River(Tomoe-ga-fuchi)

It is said here is the place Tomoe often swam.

And, This is the Tomoe’s Deep Water Spot Of River.

This is clear water We have never seen in Cities.

Swam…She……Swam……in this river……?……here……?
I wanna see!!! that great sight!!!

Ok.Here is Movie.

Place Fire of Tomoe Gozen Did Great Job(?)(Kyoto City)

If Tomoe Gozen could have use fire magic like FGO Universe, She could have do great job at the sanju-sangendo-temple in Kyoto City.

At That time, Goshirakawa Emperor Emeritus works in here as the top of emperor’s authority.

At Kyoto, Yoshinaka was defeated by Goshirakawa Emperor Emertius in political warfare.At same time, He was attackking both side Heike-Clan and Minamoto no Yoritomo(big brother of Ushiwakamaru).

So Yoshinaka decided to set fire here(at that time called houjuuji-dono) for escaping from the brink.

This was coup d’etat for Japanese absolute authority in 12 century.
And It must be said desperate action.

For setting fire, There is No One useful than Tomoe Gozen(In FGO universe!).

It is said there were many burning and smoking in everywhere.

And also is written, many people run around to escape.

Around here, It could be burning by Tomoe Gozen’s Fire.
Anyway, Yoshinaka got temporary victory.

But I doubt Tomoe was pleasure.
She is Dawn and Yoshinaka’s action is too dangerous to reign Kyoto and all Japanese areas.

after that soon, Yoshinaka and tomoe was defeated by Yoshitsune(aka Ushiwakamaru) in Battle of Uji River and gone away from Stage of history.

Gichuji-temple(義仲寺)(Otsu City)

It is said, after Yoshinaka was killed, Tomoe Gozen appeared at the Yoshinaka’s grave, said “I am a nameless woman”, and built small house there. This is the Origin of Gichuji-temple, which is mentioned in FGO’s her Biography.

It is small but imperious temple who appear in normal suburb sight.

In Edo Period, This temple was devastated.
But Matsuo Basho, Who is the originator of Haiku, revived because of his bias for Yoshinaka.
So There is Matsuo Basho’s grave too.

And also there was a little Tomoe’s mound too.

This isn’t grave.
It is said she had held the memorial services,but suddenly went back Kiso, which is her hometown, and died there.

So,This Mound was built by someone who held memorial services for her.

Tomoe’s mound is so small compared with Yoshinaka’s grave.

Left little one is Tomoe’s.
Right big one is Yoshinaka’s.
It is obvious about their size difference.

It may be represent her moderate life.

Information about Sacred Places (Ver. Archer Inferno)

Strange Souvenir

This is a incense named Tomoe Gozen.

This is an amulet.

I bought both at Gichu-ji temple.

How to go


About 3 minutes from JR Miyanokoshi Station.

from December to March, It’s closed.
and also closed Monday in all season.


About 3 minutes from JR Miyanokoshi Station.


About 15 minutes from JR Miyanokoshi Station.

Tomoe’s Deep Water Spot Of River

About 25 minutes from JR Miyanokoshi Station.

Here is about Kiso Information.


Near at the bus stop


About 10minutes from Zeze station.
It’s closed in Mondays.

Sanju-Sangendo and Gichuji-temple is easy to access to from Kyoto Station.


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