FGO Pilgrimage Fuuma Kotarou


This is The FGO Pilgrimage For Fuuma Kotarou.


He is the fifth generation boss of ninja tribe that serves to Houjou Family ruluing kantou area in 16th century.

He Is famous for his skill of guerrilla warfare.

I went to Odawara city and Numazu city.
Because there are his sacred places about him.

FGO Pilgrimage: days about his life and youth

Odawara Castle(that lived his lord)

Odawara Castle is in Odawara City.

It has Called Impregnable Castle because Many Famous samurai couldn’t this Castle.

It should be natural Fuuma Kotarou had visited here many times for meeting his lord.

Look also this.

Some Ninja events were held here.

I felt their love for Fuuma tribe.

I heard historical museum focused ninjas will open here in April 2019.

It sounds fun.

Kazamatsuri District in Odawara City

Fuuma Tribe Earns their food by hunting,wood cutter and faming.
There is a theory that they lived in Kazamatsuri District in Odawara City.

And here Is Kazamatsuri District.

This is very quiet place,and also comfortable to hear sounds by waterway.

Here is movies.
Do you feel as if there is sitting fuuma Kotarou Grooming his weapons?

There is old stone guardian.

There were still few farms in high place.
I wonder Fuuma Kotarou plow farms around here.

Site of Sanmaibahi(Numazu)-Fort

It looks like his noble phantasm (Immortal chaos brigade) derive from bloody guerrilla warfare that he and his minions’ battle to Takeda Family that are very famous samurai.

In 1581, Houjou Army and Takeda Family Amy faces each other between Kisegawa river.
here is one place of them that Takeda Army took a position.
And fuuma Tribe got a big success in here.

Even if rainny days,Every night they made a surprise attack across raging Kisegawa River easily. they also plundered and set fire.They also made panics by dashing horses no man ride.etcetc

It is said Takeda Army couldn’t any sleep,Finally they killed each other.

It tooks like most dominating battle for Fuuma Kotarou in his lifetime.

and this is the inscription that shows site of fort.

Here is movies.

I wonder Fuuma tribe did a guerrilla warfare around here.
quiet and peace park.
There was no feeling like Immortal chaos brigade.

Information about Fuuma Kotarou(Ver.FGO) Pilgrimage

Strange souvenir

Keyring of Fuuma Kotarou and Notepad of Houjou Family

What’s Houjou Family Notepad?

I think you also fell 90’s Anime Flavor.

Restaurants around sacred places

Odawara Castle

There are many restaurants because this area is close from Odawara station.

Kazamatsuri District in Odawara City

Next to Kazamatsuri Staion,only station of this area,There is restaurant kamaboko no Sato

Site of Sanmaibahi(Numazu)-Fort

There are many restaurants because this area is close from Numazu station.
And if you like Seafoods, Numazu is good place for fresh seafood.
For example,this restaurant has English menu.
And If you like lovelive! sunshine!! you will enjoy here more deeply.
Because Numazu is sacred place of the anime.

Where is sacred places

Odawara Castle

10 minutes by walking from Odawara station(about 60 minutes from Tokyo station)

Kazamatsuri District in Odawara City

Around Kazamatsuri station(about 15 minutes from Odawara Station)

Site of Sanmaibahi(Numazu)-Fort

10 minutes by walking from Numazu station(about 2~3 hours from Tokyo station) (about 1 hours from Odawara station)


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